Evangelism in Our Present Culture

Bolton Conference 2015 - October 23-24 (Friday - Saturday)

We presently live in a world in which we interact with many social and religious contexts, or “constructs.” Varied methods and messages are proposed by those who attempt to inform evangelicals on how to best “reach” these heterogeneous people in the dissimilar “worlds” in which they live. Often a method or message, or a ministry philosophy, is promoted as though it was the necessary “key” to sustain and promote the cause of Christ in today’s world. Those who are historically and confessionally reformed, however, purpose to proclaim and apply the tested and tried means that God has appointed in His Word and continues to bless today, even the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.”

Our conference speakers at this year’s Bolton Conference (Oct. 23 & 24, 2015) will be Iain Murray and Joel Beeke. They will address our theme, “Evangelism in an Ever-changing World.” They will help us reaffirm “the old paths” that are prescribed in God’s Word, that have been proven through history to be blessed of God, and that remain for us to affirm and proclaim in today’s world in which God has placed us and called us to bear His name and message.

Pleasant Street Christian Reformed Church
25 Cross Street, Whitinsville, MA
(Church Phone: 508.234.5268)

Sessions begin Friday at 3:00 PM and end on Saturday at 2:30 PM. The book table opens on Friday afternoon at 12:30. 

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