The Kingdom of God

Bolton Conference 2014 - October 24-25 (Friday - Saturday)

This year’s Bolton Conference, against the backdrop of daily headlines about the chaotic workings of the kingdoms of this world, holds forth God’s kingdom in all its growth and power and certainty and peace, now fulfilled in the world-overcoming and radically current reign of Christ. That we have a reigning Savior, Who rules in fairness and covenant love, and that His kingdom is triumphant over all rivals, even in the face of the seeming strength of “this present darkness,” is the wonderful hope to which length of the Scriptures point, and is an anchor in a confusing time. We have received, says the writer of Hebrews, a kingdom that cannot be shaken! But the Scriptures also speak of a future full and glorious manifestation of the Kingdom of God at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which should both challenge and encourage citizens of the Kingdom to prepare themselves for its arrival and announce His coming to the world. Come to be refreshed as these two extraordinary preachers bring home a theme so misunderstood in the broader evangelical world, but so necessary for living as a faithful subject of the Great King.

Pleasant Street Christian Reformed Church
25 Cross Street, Whitinsville, MA
(Church Phone: 508.234.5268)

Sessions begin Friday at 3:00 PM and end on Saturday at 2:30 PM. The book table opens on Friday afternoon at 12:30.